Hi there! I am a 2D game artist, illustrator and team-oriented leader who loves to draw characters and the worlds they live in.Currently an artist/animator at Sticky Brain Studios and art director for their first PC/console game, Rooster.email: conniechoi94@gmail.com

© Sticky Brain Studios


Coming soon!Rooster is a heartfelt puzzle game in the making.

Art created in Adobe Photoshop.
Animated in Spine 2D.
© Sticky Brain Studios


A tranquil dressup game celebrating kimono colours and motifs throughout the seasons.The backgrounds are influenced by beautiful woodblock prints by Hiroshige and Hokusai.

Art directors: Kimberly Luu, Sisi Xu, Ben Reynolds© Uken Games

Toronto Scene + Avatar Frames

Backdrop for the Toronto stage featuring the Prince Edward Viaduct.Below are player avatar frames.Assets from mobile game "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire".

Collaborated with developer Wladyslaw Bronowicki on code.Art guidance from Lyndsey Gallant and Marco Cibola.

Bike Game

Independent project exploring visuals for an endless runner game.

Space backdrop by Joan Lee.Art directed by Mathew Den Boer.© RGC

House of Wisdoms

House of Wisdoms is a web-based educational game created to raise awareness among teens about the risks of gambling.

Art directors: Kimberly Luu, Sisi Xu, Ben Reynolds© Uken Games

Item Icons

Icons for mobile game based on the TV show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

© Sticky Brain Studios

Loki's Castle

Puzzle game where you are a single celled organism on a quest to obtain the secret of life.

© Little Engine Moving Pictures

Cutie Pugs

Two mini games:
Bath Time and Peekaboo Pugs
Cutie Pugs is a preschool series supporting play-based learning and kindergarten readiness.

© Sylv Chiang (text)
© Connie Choi (cover & interior illustrations)
Designed by Kong Njo
Published by Annick Press Ltd.

Cross Ups

Cross Ups is a middle reader series following Jaden who is navigating middleschool life and his passion for video games!

© Humanistic


Splash illustrations for Humanistic's website landing page.

Bottom Feeders

Bottom Feeders is a military card game in development with Andrew Traviss and Rosalind C.This is the result of two days at TOJam 2018!

© Studio Maya

Query Cat

Mascot and Icons for Query Cat.